Oral Oaths in Ireland: A Case for Reform

by Alejandro Bans Burtchaell Alejandro Bans Burtchaell is a current Masters in Common Law student at UCD. In this article, he discusses issues with the current Irish system for swearing oaths and affirmations in the courtroom before proposing that Ireland  abolishes the oath and adopts the secular Swiss system of secular affirmations. Section 21 ofContinue reading “Oral Oaths in Ireland: A Case for Reform”

The Graham Dwyer Court of Justice Appeal: A Cruel Criminal With a Worthy Question

by Charlotte Waldron. Charlotte is a final-year Business and Law student at UCD. In this article, she critically assesses the Court of Justice’s decision in the Graham Dwyer appeal which concerned the use of data in fighting serious crime. She discusses the meaning of the Court’s decision for EU Member States’ data protection obligation’s in the context of law enforcement.

AB v Road Safety Authority: Should Asylum Seekers be Allowed Driving Permits?

By Shauna Richardson. Shauna has just completed her final year of a Masters in Common Law in University College Dublin. She is currently an intern with the Climate Bar Association, and is preparing for her Kings Inns Entrance Examinations. In this timely article, Shauna considers the decision of the High Court in AB v Road Safety Authority.

Suggested Reforms of Special Measures Available to Vulnerable Victims in the Irish Courts

By Leah Farrell. Leah completed a masters degree in common law in University College Dublin in 2021. She also holds an undergraduate degree in social science from UCD and a masters degree in International Human Rights Law from NUIG. In this thought provoking article, Leah provides an insight into potential areas of reform in the available measures for vulnerable victims in Irish courts.