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The final deadline is April 21st 2023 at midnight. Email your submissions to ucdlawreviewsubmissions@ucd.ie

Citizenship Revocation: An Opportunity for Change in Ireland

by Áine Doyle. Áine Doyle is a recent LLB graduate from Trinity College Dublin. In this article, she considers the power of the State to revoke an Irish citizen’s citizenship. Given a recent Supreme Court decision finding elements of the relevant legislation unconstitutional, she considers how the legislation could be amended going forward in order…

The UCD Law Review Annual legal forum

This year, Volume 23 of the UCD Law Review was delighted to present for the very first time the ‘UCD Law Review Annual Legal Forum’ in collaboration with the UCD Student Legal Service. Going forward we hope to foster our relationship with the UCD SLS and other student legal organisations within and outside of UCD…

Grave Consequences: The societal rationale behind the medicalisation and secularisation of suicide as reflected in the burial of those who died by suicide in Ireland and England in the 19th century.

by Lauren Rooney. Lauren Rooney is a recent Business and Law graduate of UCD. In this article, she examines the societal rationale behind the medicalisation and secularisation of suicide in the UK and Ireland in the 18th and 19th century. She discusses how the finding of insanity and subsequent legislative change sought to protect those…

Oral Oaths in Ireland: A Case for Reform

by Alejandro Bans Burtchaell. Alejandro Bans Burtchaell is a current Masters in Common Law student at UCD. In this article, he discusses issues with the current Irish system for swearing oaths and affirmations in the courtroom before proposing that Ireland  abolishes the oath and adopts the secular Swiss system of secular affirmations. Section 21 of…

Tips on preparing a submission from the Volume 21 of the Review

We are eager to share this recording of a session hosted by the Vol 21. Review. The session covers a number of topics including tips on drafting submissions and legal writing in general. Speakers for the session included; Ms Justice Úna Ní Raifeartaigh, former Dean and current Professor in Sutherland School of Law Dr Niamh Howlin, former…

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